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so there is no way we could possibly inventory all the stuff we have… well maybe we could, but we’re feeling lazy.  Anywho, we specialize in punk/alternative music mostly from 1976-present, but we are interested in all forms of rock n roll. We mostly sell used LPs/45s/CDs (hence why it would be a pain to list an inventory.) and freak out when a good punk/hardcore collection comes in. If that’s what you’re into, then you definitely will wanna check our shelves out. But as we all know “classic” punk/hardcore is in high demand these days so we pad out our inventory with (good) classic rock n roll. So if you or your niece is looking for Beatles/Hendrix/Led Zep/Pink Floyd we pretty much always have that kinda stuff. Our used CD shelves are always completely full and (i think) cheap because people just don’t value CDs anymore… but remember when people got rid of their LP collections in the early 90s. It’s fair to say the same thing is happening with CDs now (and yes, rare collectable CDs do exist.) We also sell new LPs and CDs too. mostly our favorite punk/hardcore/garage/indie bands that we’re into at the moment. We try to avoid flavor of the month hipster garbage, but sometimes we need to pay the rent. In addition to music we also carry shoes. We carry your basic Doc Martens, Grinders, Converse Chucks, and Vans styles… pretty much the same styles since we opened in 1984.  I should note that we (try to) avoid selling the myriad forms of limited collector shoes because that whole scene nauseates us…. that goes for band shoes too. While i admit many of these look “cool,” do we really need to live in a world where Millencolin shoes exist? Lastly, in addition to punk rock band shirts and accesories (the stuff you expect a “punk” store to sell, we also sell a good amount of “vintage” clothing too.  what does that mean? i guess that means 60s/70s/80s stuff that Daisy finds cute. We consign a variety of clothes/bracelets/stuff from local designers too. you really just have to come in and check it out.  oh yeah, Special Effects hair dye. we blow through that stuff.  keep stores like us alive, people.