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1 July 2008

By admin under records |

cokebust.jpgCOKE BUST “Lines In The Sand” LP (Six Weeks)
After a 7″ and demo, Washington, DC’s reigning masters of thrashing hardcore have finally hit the studio to record a full-length of no holds barred, old-school hardcore punk, bringing intelligence to straight edge hardcore that is played at lightning speed, channeling the spirits of bands like SSD, Deep Wound and Youth Of Today. Vinyl available through Six Weeks Records and is now for sale at Smash!

flipper1.gifFLIPPER“Public Flipper Limited” LP (4 Men with Beards)
On 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve! Public Flipper Limited was originally released in 1986 as a double LP of live material culled from 1980-1985. The sound quality and playing are both a grimy, distorted mess, which suits the band just fine. Always alternating between endearing and abrasive Flipper left no room for the middle ground of “like.” The album title is a shot at John Lydon and his alleged plagiarism of Flipper’s artwork for his own PIL and it proves that Flipper was never opposed to alienating its audience, no matter how sanctified. Harsh, art-rock classics from one of SF’s most important post-hippy era bands.

flipper2.gifFLIPPER “Sex Bomb Baby” LP (4 Men with Beards)
Originally released in 1987, Sex Bomb Baby is actually a collection of Flipper material dated no later than 1982, comprised of singles, B-sides, and compilation tracks. The single version of “Sex Bomb” is an all out classic, a frenetic, yelping punk answer to “Louie, Louie” and the rest is no slouch either, outrageous, harsh, sludge-punk from San Francisco’s finest. If you don’t already own these songs, you are not worthy of punk-dom.

magrudergrind.jpgMAGRUDERGRIND “s/t’ LP (Six Weeks)
Magrudergrind took time off of their busy tour schedule to record this self-titled full-length, with the CD on Willowtip and the LP on Six Weeks. This barrage of grinding thrashcore is strictly limited to 1,000 copies on vinyl and Smash! has a few copies, we’re keepin’ em’ warm, just for you, so come on… don’t be afriad, we don’t bite, unless you ask us to.

marginalm.jpgMARGINAL MAN “Identity” LP (Dischord)
Marginal Man was one of the first of the DC hardcore bands to feature two guitars and was first introduced to the DC crowds at the “555″ concert at the 9:30 club on Jan. 2, 1983. The show was billed as “555″ because not only was Marginal Man a five-piece, but both Minor Threat and Faith had recently added second guitars to their line-ups, and this was a coming out party of sorts for all three. Other than Minor Threat, Government Issue, and Scream, Marginal Man was one of the few early DC punk bands to get out and tour the country. They released their first LP, “Identity” on Dischord in March 1984 and later released albums on Enigma and Giant Records before breaking up in 1988. This 12″ EP was re-cut in April 2009 at Chicago Mastering Service and is being re-issued on vinyl for the first time since the mid-80s. The vinyl also comes with a free MP3 download.

wipers.gifWIPERS “Over the Edge” LP
The bleak, hard-driven third LP by the Wipers (originally released in 1983) offers Greg Sage at his most chased and breathless, lashing out with sharp staccato notes as if melody were his only defense. While their debut LP provided the blueprint for grunge, and their second album recast the band as one of America’s premier postpunk bands, it’s Over The Edge that best exemplifies the Wipers’ sound. The jagged, effortless guitar lines, the paranoid lyrics and raw-throated vocals and the taut, unified rhythms that define their sound bleed together most clearly on this LP, and it stands as both the best entry point for new fans and the most prevalent favorite of diehards.

EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING “Primary Colours” LP/CD (Goner Records)Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring have been making waves in the punk/garage/indie scene ever since their first album and U.S. tour. Primary Colours was released to rave reviews and sold out shows, with the first week sales putting the record at number six on the Australian national charts. Eddy says, “musically, to me it sounds a bit more ‘82ish than the ‘76ish sound of our first LP, slightly less frantic and maybe a bit more palatable.” LP version includes a free download.

THE NERVES “One Way Ticket” LP/CD (Alive Records 2008)This collection, authorized for the first time ever by the three band members, features the band’s 1976 EP (now regarded as a power pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, REMASTERED and complete with notes and photos. The CD is a Digipack and the LP comes with an alternate cover.

JAY REATARD ” Singles 06-07″ 2xLP/CD (In The Red 2008)In The Red is proud to release Singles 06-07–a collection of all his out-of-print material, re-mastered by the Tard himself. It’s finally possible to hear these gems in one straight shot, sounding better than ever, without flipping over a pile of seven inch platters. The CD version of Singles 06-07 includes a DVD showcasing some choice live performances of Reatard and his incredible live backing band, the Boston Chinks.

924 GILMAN STREET“Let’s Talk About Tact And Timing…” (virus381 2008) DVD Director Jack Curran’s debut feature, 924 Gilman Street, is an ambitious documentary that chronicles the 21-year history of the volunteer-run, all-ages venue in Berkeley, California and captures a music scene still thriving today on creativity and a sense of camaraderie.In 924 Gilman Street, Curran crafts an intimate portrait of a small punk venue that continues to foster a vital music scene, and most importantly, a sense of hope that punk principles and practices can build a successful, long-running community.

Amebix - “No Sanctuary- The Spiderleg Recordings” virus382 (2008)In the wake of Crass, the UK birthed a large scene of anarcho-punk bands such as Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni, Flux Of Pink Indians, and, perhaps the best known of all, Amebix. Their seminal Arise album, originally released by Alternative Tentacles in 1985, remains one of the genre’s ultimate statements, featuring elements of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and Venom infused with a healthy dose of early punk’s gutter grime and Crass’ confrontational imagery.

Bonnie Prince BillyBonnie “Prince” Billy - “Lie Down in the Light” Drag City 2008Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is letting the sun shine in so you can Lie Down In The Light. Before you get undressed, we’re talking about a brand-new twelve-song album of excellent new songs and sounds, okay? Get that thong back up your crack and listen! Bristling with guitar strings and laced with harmonies, Lie Down In The Light is the brightest album to date from the Bonnie ‘Prince.’

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